Still Pushing 

As much as my players seem to dislike adventure paths they still struggle to push onwards to a goal of their own divising. Currently they are in a megadungeon searching for a stone giant who trades in, amongst other things, slaves. 1 PC is searching for his enslaved mother. But even with a back door to the giant’s domain they have wandered off on a tangent and are now struggling. They insisted they needed a mule so no crawling down narrow tunnels (they have a bag of holding and a handy haversack so the mule isn’t strictly necessary). Anyway hopefully they’ll get back on track after our summer holiday hiatus.

By the way the maps I am using is the Dyson’s Logo’s Dwarven Delve


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Started gaming in 1979. First D&D game Bar Room Brawl (White Dwarf). First character Luke de Lacey (human fighter). Been playing ever since. Right now mainly playing Pathfinder but also Rolemaster and Champions. Looking to develop and share my ideas in this blog

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