Still Pushing 

As much as my players seem to dislike adventure paths they still struggle to push onwards to a goal of their own divising. Currently they are in a megadungeon searching for a stone giant who trades in, amongst other things, slaves. 1 PC is searching for his enslaved mother. But even with a back door to the giant’s domain they have wandered off on a tangent and are now struggling. They insisted they needed a mule so no crawling down narrow tunnels (they have a bag of holding and a handy haversack so the mule isn’t strictly necessary). Anyway hopefully they’ll get back on track after our summer holiday hiatus.

By the way the maps I am using is the Dyson’s Logo’s Dwarven Delve


Circle of One

I like the world of Greyhawk. No Forgotten Realms for me, I like the original D&D world. So Circle of One – Circle of Eight, see what I did there?

I’m currently running a Sandbox (ish) campaign in post Greyhawk Wars Sterich on the western border. The area is previously undeveloped so I’m building up to a Kingmaker type game (Paizo Adventure Path). But to get to a level where kingdom building is viable there has been some old fashioned dungeon crawling going on.

The thing is my players (playing together since 1979) have got used to the adventure arc/PC RPG trope – looking for the questgiver. Of course that makes the running of a game easy – send them out for the session’s mission, get the CR appropriate reward and move on. I’ve tried to keep it open and a couple of times they’ve pressed onwards and nearly get killed for their efforts. I think they’re getting the message that if they keep pressing onwards they may get in over their heads, although at 6th level it’s getting easier to press onwards a bit.

A lesson for me though. Be a bit more explicit about expectations next time especially in a more open structured campaign.

More next time on this campaign and my thoughts on Pathfinder in general.